In Nicaragua, constitutional amendment revoking citizenship for crimes against state expedited, pending approval in subsequent legislature

10 February
Bandera de Nicaragua (crédito de la fotografía: Kaufdex/pixabay)
Bandera de Nicaragua (crédito de la fotografía: Kaufdex/pixabay)
[Original in Spanish] The National Assembly approved a bill to reform article 21 of the Constitution of Nicaragua, which refers to Nicaraguan nationality. Legislators sympathetic to the regime also approved a Special Law Regulating the Loss of Nicaraguan Nationality. The approval came a few hours after President Daniel Ortega sent 222 political prisoners into exile. [...] The initiatives were sent with urgency on the morning of 9 February and approved minutes later. The reform to article 21 was approved with 89 votes, though two deputies did abstain from voting. To become effective, the reform needs to be approved in a second legislature. The change to article 21 states, "The acquisition, loss and recovery of nationality will be regulated by law. Traitors to the homeland lose the quality of Nicaraguan nationality".
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