New Venezuelan Constitution Will Emphasize Defense of Sovereignty

3 April 2018
The president of the Constitutional Commission of the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Hermann Escarra, said today that Venezuela''s new constitution will focus on the defense of national sovereignty. With the inclusion of proposals, rules and chapters, the Constitution will be democratically reinforced, the plenipotentiary forum's legislator said in an interview with Venezolana de Television state-owned channel. He added ANC commissions have reviewed to date about 350 norms, 18 transitory regulations and the constitutional preamble, in which the needs of the people in different sectors of national life were taking into account, to reinforce the defense of the economy. Escarra noted that the first document consigned by the Constitutional Commission to the Assembly's direction, includes the papers and contributions for deepening the constitution. The text emphasized the defense of the oil industry and hydrocarbons, as well as the inclusion of sanctions against the crimes of hatred and treason to homeland, the constituent legislator said. These proposals respond to the systematic actions by right-wing sectors to promote interference and harassment against Venezuela in the economic sphere, he noted.


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