Moldova passes constitutional amendment replacing ‘Moldovan’ language with ‘Romanian’ in law and constitution

17 March 2023
Flag of Moldova (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
Flag of Moldova (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
The phrase "Moldovan language" will be replaced with "Romanian language" in the texts of all Moldovan laws and regulations, including the Constitution of Moldova; the Moldovan parliament passed a relevant bill "On the implementation of considerations of some rulings of the Constitutional Court" in second, final reading on [16 March]. [...] The parliament adopted the bill in its original wording despite the fact that the government had made a conclusion recommending that a draft be revisited so that it would not contradict the provisions on the revision of the constitution envisaged in the constitution itself. [...] The constitution states that constitutional amendments may be adopted "by two thirds of parliamentarians" and "not earlier than six months upon the registration of the relevant draft legislation and only if the Constitutional Court has issued a positive review." Under the Constitution of Moldova, "the Constitution may not be revised during periods such as state of emergency, state of siege or under martial law." The authors of the bill, a group of deputies form the Action and Solidariy faction, in turn, believe that it envisages "the technical implementation" of the Constitutional Court's rulings, not an amendment to the constitution.
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