In Mexico, chamber of deputies advances proposed constitutional amendment to reduce workweek from 48 to 40 hours

3 May 2023
Mexican Chamber of Deputies (photo credit: EdwinDlacruz)
Mexican Chamber of Deputies (photo credit: EdwinDlacruz)
The Chamber of Deputies approved a bill on [25 April] to reduce the workweek from 48 to 40 hours. The legislation also states that for every five eight-hour days Mexicans work, they must get at least two days off. Currently, per Article 123 of the Mexican constitution, employers can only require a maximum 48 hours per week of their workers — or six eight-hour days per week. But if the bill passes both houses of Congress, workers would receive overtime pay for any hours beyond the proscribed 40. As a constitutional amendment, the bill must be approved by a three-fifths majority of each congressional chamber. Proposed by the Citizens’ Movement (MC) party, the final version of the bill emerged from discussion in committee somewhat watered down: it originally suggested a 35-hour workweek from Monday to Thursday. The new version of the bill was approved by 27 votes and five abstentions from the Chamber of Deputies’ Constitutional Commission.
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