Members of Guyana's constitutional reform commission take oath of office

By Svetlana Marshall, 4 April
Flag of Guyana (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
Flag of Guyana (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
With retired Chief Justice Carl Singh at its helm, the Constitutional Reform Commission was activated today with the swearing-in of its members. [ . . . ] As it prepares to undergo another reform process, the President urged that the Commission be comprehensive in its approach. “The Constitution Reform Commission Act 2022 delineates some key areas which should be considered for potential reforms. These encompass fundamental rights of citizens, indigenous peoples’ rights, rights of children, the eradication of discrimination, enhancement of race relations, promotion of ethnic security and equal opportunity, safeguarding minority rights, electoral reforms, economic, political, and cultural rights, fiduciary responsibility, bolstering integrity in public office, as well as the functioning of the National Assembly and local government. As you will observe these areas are wide-ranging but not exhaustive of the scope of the work of the Commission,” the President said.
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