In Malta, constitutional court allows continuation of case challenging parliamentary gender quotas

By Matthew Agius, 8 March 2022
Parliament of Malta (photo credit: The Island)
Parliament of Malta (photo credit: The Island)
The Constitutional Court has upheld an appeal filed by independent candidate Arnold Cassola and ordered the continuation of a case in which he is challenging the gender quota law for parliament. Cassola is challenging the constitutional amendments passed last year through which additional parliamentary seats are awarded after an election if the underrepresented gender comprises less than 40% of elected MPs. Cassola described the mechanism as an “insult”, saying it discriminated in favour of women with ties to the major political parties and against all other women who are not affiliated to them. [...] The mechanism will kick in only if two political parties are represented in parliament and up to a maximum of 12 additional seats could be added. [...] The judgment has no impact on the current law and will not effect the outcome of the general election since the merits of the case still have to be dealt with.
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