Libya's Constitution Drafting Assembly presents new draft text of the Constitution

24 April 2017
The accord committee at the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) has devised a new draft for the Libyan long-awaited constitution and has given it the name "A proposal for a concord draft for Libya's constitution," with 195 articles. The accord committee was formed of 12 members, six of whom were from the CDA members who signed the previous draft in Oman, three others are from the CDA members who boycotted Oman meetings and the remaining three are from the CDA members who did not sign the draft at all. The newly proposed draft for the constitution came into being after days of out-and-out meetings and discussions and according to the committee, the draft included a number of amendments to the previous one. The latest devised draft was supervised by the UNSMIL and was a subject of massive criticism for violating the constitutional declaration and for its content, which several analysts said was not in the best benefit of nationalism and patriotism in a longed-for new Libyan state. "The new draft is satisfactory in essence as the committee members gave some concessions so that they can finally attain such a progress that would be likable to most Libyans." CDA member, Etimad Al-Misalati commented. She also added that the draft had offered tangible solutions for several points of conflict, adding that it had left others for the upcoming legislative authority which will be elected as per the new Libyan constitution.


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