Libya: Tensions rise surrounding draft constitution

27 March 2018
The head of Libya’s Justice and Construction Party, Mohammed Sowan, yesterday rejected remarks by the Arab League envoy to Libya, Salaheddine Jamali, on the current draft constitution. Sowan said Jamali’s statement violated diplomatic norms. In an interview with the Saudi-owned Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Jamali said the draft constitution will increase tensions and the Libyan state might have to enact another constitution that fits the new situation. Sowan called for the draft constitution to be put before the Libyan people who are the only people who have the right to accept, amend or reject it. He has also called on “all politicians, envoys and ambassadors to leave the current draft constitution, and the possibility of its implementation up to the Libyan people”. The Libyan constitution-making body approved in July last year the final draft of the constitution with 43 members out of 60 voting in favour. The draft constitution is widely opposed by activists and politicians in eastern Libya who say it does not meet the Libyan people’s aspiration.


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