In Libya, house of representatives unanimously approves amendment on governmental roles, creating path towards elections

By Sami Zaptia, 9 February 2023
Flag of Libya (photo credit: David_Peterson via pixabay)
Flag of Libya (photo credit: David_Peterson via pixabay)
[Abdullah Blehaq], the Official Spokesperson for House of Representatives (HoR) reported at the end of [session on 8 February] that the HoR had during the day’s deliberations approved the 13th Constitutional Amendment. He said it was approved unanimously by the 113 attending members. The 13th amendment sets out the roles of the president, prime minister and parliament and a constitutional path to elections. Most of the amendment had already been agreed in talks between Ageela Saleh and High State Council (HSC) head Khaled Mishri, and between the two chambers. The main outstanding issue has been the eligibility of candidates with dual nationality which the HSC has been opposed to. As prescribed by the December 2015 Skhirat Libyan Political Agreement (LPA), the HoR must now send the 13th Constitutional Amendment for approval by the HSC.
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