Libya draft constitution to be ready by 20 October

By Libya Herald, 7 September 2015
photo credit: AFP
photo credit: AFP
<p>Libya’s draft constitution will be finalised and published before 20 October, Ali Tarhouni, the president of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly, has told the <em>Libya Herald</em>. </p><p>The next step, he added, would be to work out the measures for a referendum with the House of Representatives (HoR) “or whatever body” is then in power. </p><p>“I would hope to have a referendum within three to five months” following the publication of the draft, he said. </p><p>A law authorising a vote would have to be passed, but the CDA would supervise it, Tarhouni noted. </p>
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Fred Sekindi 15 September 2015
It seems to me that the method of exercising and acquiring power in Africa is through seizing power through unconstitutional means followed by the issuance of a constitution to legitimise power.l

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