Libya Constitution to be put up for approval by referendum

21 March 2016
Members of the CDA (photo credit: Libya Prospect)
Members of the CDA (photo credit: Libya Prospect)
<p><strong>UN Envoy and Chief of Support Mission in Libya (MANUL), Martin Kobler declared that the new Libyan Constitution will be put up for people’s approval "by referendum", following its approval by all the members of the Constituent Authority.</strong></p><p>Kobler was speaking on Saturday in Salalah (Sultanate of Oman) where the Authority in charge of drafting the Constitution in Libya holds its first session under the supervision of MANUL, at the invitation of the Sultanate.&nbsp;<span style="line-height: 20.4px;">During a news conference, Kobler said that "what has been agreed will be submitted to the vote of the Libyan people through referendum".</span></p>
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