Libya: Constituent assembly says its Head is unreliable and must resign

By The Libya Observer, 11 November 2015
Head of the LCDA, Ali Al-Tarhouni (photo credit: Waterput)
Head of the LCDA, Ali Al-Tarhouni (photo credit: Waterput)
<p class="rtejustify">The head of the Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (LCDA) must resign, as his performance did not make the cut with the aspirations of the Libyan people, said a number of members in the constituent assembly.</p><p class="rtejustify">In a statement on Tuesday, nine members from Al-Bayda-based LCDA stated that the Head of the LCDA, Ali Al-Tarhouni adopted an ambiguous policy in his work, in addition to his aim to dominate power and decision making, which obliged them to call on him to resign to allow a reformation of the head officials and to take good care of the constitutional drafting process in the way Libyans aspire for.</p>
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