Liberian legislators reject election commission's proposal to postpone election date

By Ethel A. Tweh and Winston W. Parley, 28 May 2020
Capitol Building of Liberia (photo credit: David Stanley/flickr)
Capitol Building of Liberia (photo credit: David Stanley/flickr)
Political parties in Liberia have rejected the National Elections Commission (NEC’s) plea with the Liberian Senate to push the conduct of the pending special senatorial election to December this year, instead of October, warning that postponing the election will cause uncertainties and insecurities in the country. The political parties voiced their opposition to the proposed delay of the election during a hearing at the Senate Wednesday, 27 May on Capitol Hill after the acting chairperson of NEC’s Board of Commissioners Madam Davidetta Lansana disclosed last week that the commission lacked funding to conduct the special senatorial election.
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