Liberia: Diaspora calls for reform of citizenship laws

27 April 2014
Northwestern University photo
Liberians in the Diaspora advocating dual citizenship legislation argue that the architects of the 1973 Alien and Nationality Law did not envision the "turbulent social and political changes from 1980 to 2004 that forced hundreds of thousands of Liberians to become citizens [of other nations]". Northwestern University photo
<p>A group of Liberians in the Diaspora have called for the repeal of Chapter 22 of the 1973 Alien and Nationality Law of the Republic of Liberia.</p><p>The call was issued at the end of a conference on dual citizenship in the United States.</p><p>The law was amended in 1974, and the Diaspora Liberians said, “It does not allow Liberians to retain their citizenship when they become citizens by birth and naturalization in the countries they domicile.”</p>
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