Kyrgyzstan votes overwhelmingly for presidential system in referendum

11 January 2021
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan (photo credit: Matthias Buehler/flickr)
Parliament of Kyrgyzstan (photo credit: Matthias Buehler/flickr)
Populist Sadyr Japarov was on the path to an easy win on Sunday in Kyrgyzstan’s presidential election, the first vote following recent political upheaval in the Central Asian country. [ . . . ] A referendum held in parallel showed Kyrgyz strongly preferring presidential rule, which would grant Japarov sweeping powers when a new constitution is passed, most probably later this year. The referendum vote spells the end of political system adopted a decade ago to tame authoritarianism after two successive strongman presidents were ejected from power during street protests in 2005 and 2010. Just over 10 percent supported a parliamentarian system.
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