Kazakh Parliament passes amendments to the Constitution

By Elena Kosolapova, 6 March 2017
Kazakh Parliament at a joint meeting of the both Chambers passed the law "On amendments and supplements to the Constitution," the press-service of Majilis (Kazakh Parliament’ lower chamber) said in a message March 6. "Constitutional reform, above all, is the further development of democracy, strengthening the basis of democracy, increasing the responsibility of Parliament and the Government, while keeping a strong presidential power," - Majilis Speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin said. The constitutional reform envisages transferring of some powers from president to parliament and government. It was proposed by Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in January. The president stressed that the reforms will create stability in the country’s political system for many years to come and an efficient mechanism to respond to modern challenges. Kazakhstan will stick to presidential republic, however, the amendments will make government system more flexible to meet the requirements of the time, according to the president. The idea was submitted to nationwide discussion and people supported the initiative. According to Kazakh law, the constitution could be amended through referendum and by the parliament and the president makes the final decision which option to choose. Nazarbayev decided to pass amendments through the parliament.


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