In Jordan, lower house approves extensive constitutional amendments

By Jordan Times, 11 January 2022
Amman, Jordan (photo credit: B10m / flickr)
Amman, Jordan (photo credit: B10m / flickr)
The Lower House on [6 January] gave the green light to establish the National Security and Foreign Policy Council. The Chamber, with a majority of 102 votes out of 111, approved amendments to Article 122 of the Constitution stipulating that the council shall convene upon a Royal invitation, with the presence of the King or the presence of whomever he delegates; the council’s decisions become enforceable once approved by the King, and the council’s affairs shall be organised according to a bylaw. [...] The Lower House last Sunday began deliberations over draft constitutional amendments, including 30 articles, which were approved after nine continuous sessions. Lower House Speaker Abdulkarim Dughmi said that the first batch of the constitutional amendments, which is part of the political modernisation process, were concluded, noting that deliberations over the election and political parties’ drafts laws will begin shortly.
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