Japan's ruling party advances constitutional reform campaign

By Japan Times, 8 February 2022
Japan's house of representatives (photo credit: Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon)
Japan's house of representatives (photo credit: Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon)
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party, going into this summer's election for the House of Councilors, is stepping up its campaign to amend the country's Constitution. The LDP's task force on constitutional revision held a meeting in the city of Gifu on Sunday, its first meeting outside of Tokyo. The group plans to hold such local meetings in all of the country's 47 prefectures by the holiday period in May. [...] The LDP thinks that holding such local meetings will help drive discussions on constitutional revisions and rally support from conservative voters toward the Upper House election. Once the Upper House election is over, there will be no major national election until 2025 unless an election for the House of Representatives is called. The LDP apparently hopes to pave the way for constitutional revisions during the three-year period.
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