In Japan, survey finds 77% of members elected in last general election support amending constitution

By Jun Aoki, 3 November 2021
Constitution of Japan (photo credit: Nippon)
Constitution of Japan (photo credit: Nippon)
Some 77% of candidates who were elected to the House of Representatives in the Oct. 31 general poll are in favor of revising Japan's Constitution, well over the two-thirds majority necessary to initiate constitutional amendment in the chamber, a Mainichi Shimbun survey has found. [...] Of those elected who are in favor of constitutional amendment, 73% said the presence of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (SDF) should be written into the Constitution by revising war-renouncing Article 9, while 4% said the SDF should be transformed into national defense forces like in other countries. Some 77% said an "emergency clause" should be written into the supreme law. The emergency clause is designed to give more authority to the Cabinet by suspending or limiting constitutional principles in the event of a major disaster.
Read the full article here: The Mainichi


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