In Japan, parties issue varying campaign pledges on constitutional reform

By Kyodo, 19 October 2021
Street in Tokyo (photo credit: Kevin Doran via Unsplash)
Street in Tokyo (photo credit: Kevin Doran via Unsplash)
Campaigning for Japan's Oct 31 general election began [19 October], with new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida seeking a mandate for his COVID-19 and economic policies while opposition parties are banding together in a bid to loosen the ruling coalition's grip on power. The following is a comparison of campaign pledges made by major political parties on key issues for the Oct 31 House of Representatives election. [...] CDPJ will: -- maintain Article 9 of the Constitution. JCP will: -- oppose revisions to the Constitution as proposed by the LDP. Japan Innovation Party will: -- include provisions in the Constitution for free education, government reform and the establishment of a constitutional court. DPP will: -- update the Constitution to guarantee human rights in response to the changing times.
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