In Italy, prime minister announces constitutional reform proposal to change system of government

29 October 2023
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni (photo credit: Reuters)
Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni (photo credit: Reuters)
Premier Giorgia Meloni said [29 October] that the Constitutional reform her government wants to introduce so that the Italian prime minister is directly elected by voters will usher in Italy's "Third Republic". [...] Reform Minister Maria Elisabetta Casellati said [28 October] that Meloni's cabinet will examine a bill to amend the Constitution so that the premier is directly elected by the people next Friday [on 3 November]. Under the current system, parties engage in government-formation talks after a general election and then the coalition that forms a ruling majority in parliament agrees on a figure to propose to the head of State to become premier. [...] Meloni said the Constitutional reform would ensure Italy is governed by leaders chosen by the people and would make administrations more stable.
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