In Israel, member of Knesset plans to advance basic law limiting immigration

By Ariella Marsden, 5 September 2023
MK Simcha Rothman (photo credit: Olivier Fitoussi/FLASH90
MK Simcha Rothman (photo credit: Olivier Fitoussi/FLASH90
Religious Zionist Party MK Simcha Rothman will advance a new bill for a basic law that seeks to greatly limit immigration into Israel, he announced on [3 September] after a riot by Eritrean asylum seekers ended with at least 160 injuries the previous day. The bill, dubbed Basic Law: Entry, immigration, and status in Israel, proposes to put in place a set of guidelines for foreigners being granted entry or gaining status in Israel when they are not eligible for aliyah according to the Law of Return. In the case of contradiction between the bill's rules and other laws or basic laws, the bill seeks to make this one overpower all other laws save basic laws that are specifically legislated to overpower it. If the bill is to pass, Israel would have a set annual quota for people gaining refugee status in the country, and anyone who enters the country or stays in it illegally will be automatically blocked from gaining such a status. This would also give the country the right to deport those who enter or stay in the country illegally. Those who cannot be deported could be subjected to a variety of heavy restrictions until they leave willingly. This includes limiting their movement and confiscating any funds they receive. [...] Rothman's renewed attempt to have the bill passed comes after a group of Eritrean asylum seekers rioted through the streets of Tel Aviv in protest against an event being held at the Eritrean Embassy on [2 September].
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