In Israel, governing coalition split about calls to amend basic law

By Adi Koplewitz, 17 May 2022
Knesset of Israel (photo credit: Yonathan Sindel / Flash 90)
Knesset of Israel (photo credit: Yonathan Sindel / Flash 90)
The Israeli government is quarreling over propositions to anchor equality as a constitutional value via a new basic law. Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced [on 15 May] he would bring an equality bill to the Ministerial Committee on Legislation next week, in the hopes of securing government backing for a basic law ensuring equality for all citizens. [...] Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, from Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s Yamina party, responded [...] saying, “I suggest coalition members stop thinking about trying to change basic laws. It’s not going to happen. … If needed, Yamina will use its right of veto. We should focus on the challenges ahead.” Shaked’s office, in a response to an inquiry from The Media Line, commented: “Basic laws require a consensus of all parties. These are not part of the coalition agreements, and therefore trying to pass them in such a complex coalition is nothing but a spin.” Liberman’s office commented on Shaked’s statement, saying it “hopes to work on the bill in consensus.”
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