In Hungary, parliament passes law on 'protecting national sovereignty'

By Boldizsar Gyori, 13 December 2023
Flag of Hungary (photo credit: Imaresz via pixabay)
Flag of Hungary (photo credit: Imaresz via pixabay)
Hungary's parliament passed a law in parliament on "protecting national sovereignty" on [12 December] to defend against what the ruling Fidesz party called undue political interference by foreign persons or groups. The legislation came as nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who has clashed repeatedly with the European Union over democratic rights in Hungary, has stepped up his party's campaign ahead of European Parliament elections next June. Orban has threatened to veto EU aid to Ukraine and opposes the start of EU membership talks with Ukraine at a summit in Brussels this week. The new law, which was passed with 141 votes and 50 against, will set up a separate authority to explore and monitor risks of political interference. It will punish banned foreign financing for parties or groups running for election with up to three years in prison.
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