In Hungary, parliament passes constitutional amendment expanding definition for state of emergency to include developments in a neighboring country

By Júlia Tar, 25 May 2022
National Assembly of Hungary (photo credit: moz278/flickr)
National Assembly of Hungary (photo credit: moz278/flickr)
Under the amended constitution, from November 1, a special legal order can be introduced in the case of a state of war, emergency, or danger. [...] According to the justification of the bill, a special legal order can only be introduced if developments in a neighboring country seriously impact Hungary in humanitarian or economic terms or if there is a real likelihood that it could happen. As the government said, the current amendment allows them “to declare a state of danger in the event of war, armed conflict or humanitarian disaster in a neighboring country, so that all necessary means are available to assist, support and accommodate people fleeing the situation, and to prevent the adverse economic effects of the situation and mitigate the consequences”. [...] Under the new legislation, the Constitutional Court, if requested, must review the government’s measures taken in a state of danger. [...] Many critics of the government slammed the legal situation created by the special legal order. According to them, this, in addition to the fact that governing Fidesz alone has a supermajority in the parliament, practically allowed the government to rule by decree. The state of danger introduced as a result of the coronavirus epidemic will end on May 31, but the 10th constitutional amendment will provide an opportunity for the governing parties to reintroduce it due to the war.
Read the full article here: Hungary Today


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