In Hungary, executive to propose constitutional amendment expanding definition for state of emergency

By Vlagyiszlav Makszimov, 22 April 2022
Parliament of Hungary (photo credit: Anund Knutsen)
Parliament of Hungary (photo credit: Anund Knutsen)
Fidesz is set to start its fourth term in power with a constitutional change that would expand the state of emergency to be declared by the executive in case of war in a neighbouring country. [...] [Minister Gergely Gulyás] said that because “war requires a government that is capable of action”, the executive will seek to amend the constitution that would expand the definition of an emergency in the Basic Law to include humanitarian catastrophes and war conflicts in neighbouring countries. The amendment of Hungary’s constitution, known as the “fundamental law,” would be the 10th change since Fidesz first changed the country’s highest law in 2012. Gulyás also said the party plans to end the current state of emergency prompted by the pandemic, which has allowed the government broad decree powers, on 31 May.
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