How the Russian Constitution Justifies War in Ukraine

By Brian Resnick, 24 March 2014
An unidentified man wearing military fatigues gestures in front of armed individuals blocking the center of Balaklava, near Sevastopol, on Saturday, March 1, 2014.(FP PHOTO/ VIKTOR DRACHEV)
<div class="WYSIWYG articleTopFew"><p>&nbsp;</p><p>While Russia is being&nbsp;<a href="">heavily criticized</a>&nbsp;by the West for its incursion into Ukraine, the Russian constitution does, in part, allow for this kind of action in a sovereign country.</p><p><a href="">Article 61, section 2</a>&nbsp;of the constitution allows defiance of international laws in this situation. It reads, in English:</p><p>"The Russian Federation shall guarantee its citizens defense and patronage beyond its boundaries."</p><div>[toc hidden:1]</div>
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