Greece's top court says asylum appeal committees are constitutional

12 May 2017
Greek flag (Photo credit: wimbledonian /Flickr)
Greek flag (Photo credit: wimbledonian /Flickr)
Greece's Council of State rejected an appeal from two NGOs regarding constitutionality of asylum appeal committees. The appellants argued that the fact that the same administrative judges, who decide on appeal committees, are also sitting in the courts tasked with revision of those rulings was not in line with the Constitution. The Council of State stated that, according to the Constitution, active judges are allowed to sit in the appeal committees and that judges participating in these committees may later sit in appeals courts what does not violate the principle of impartiality. It also stipulated that that selection of judges, participating in these committees, by the general commissioner of the administrative courts (instead of the judicial council) is in line with Article 90 of the Constitution.
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