Greece appoints constitutional review dialogue committee, sparks controversy

10 October 2016
The coalition government and opposition parties exchanged shots and allegations over the process.  The members of the Dialogue Committee on Constitutional Review were announced by the government on Thursday, with the opposition parties raising objections. New Democracy spoke of “diversion tactics” and underlined that the Constitution is in need of a review, however the process must begin and end in Parliament. The main opposition party accused the government of forming a committee without any institutional authority. The government dismissed the allegations, arguing that New Democracy’s stance n the matter is ‘understandable’, since it only cares about defending vested interests and the old political establishment, undermining negotiations for its own political gains. PASOK denounced the government over the procedure, while claimed that the constitutional review issue has been reinstated to avoid addressing the problems created. The River was also critical in its statement, particularly over the committee members.


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