Georgia marks anniversary of first democratic constitution

21 February 2018
Over a century ago on February 21, 1921, the Constituent Assembly of Georgia adopted the first constitution of the newly independent country. Today Georgia is celebrating the anniversary of the landmark historical document that formed the basis of the country’s contemporary constitution nearly a century ago. The historic occasion in Tbilisi took place three years after Georgia gained independence from Russia in 1918 and only four days before the country again fell to occupation by Soviet forces. Despite its short life, the 1921 constitution is considered a cornerstone of Georgia’s independent statehood that serves as the basis for the modern-day constitution. Adopted in 1995, the current constitution was modelled after the 1921 document. After the waves of public and parliamentary discussions last year, Georgia adopted the new edition of the Constitution to better reflect the country’s current challenges. Another round of constitutional changes is scheduled for next year.


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