In France, MPs propose constitutional bill protecting right to abortion

11 November 2022
National Assembly of France (photo credit: graham chandler/flickr)
National Assembly of France (photo credit: graham chandler/flickr)
The words “No woman may be deprived of the right to termination of pregnancy” were approved by France’s Asssemblé Nationale [...] the first step towards adding the amendment to the country’s constitution. The short text was proposed by Aurore Bergé, who is an MP with President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance and member of the Renaissance party and received initial approval [...]. During the week of November 28th, parliament will begin examining the text. French law already guarantees the right to abortion, but adding it into the constitution will make it harder for any future presidents to roll back abortion rights. The plan to inscribe the right to abortion in the French constitution was announced in June, after the American supreme court voted to overturn Roe v. Wade, weakening the right to abortion for American women. This led to several French politicians, including those from both President Macron’s centrist coalition and those from the left-wing NUPES coalition, calling for the right to become enshrined in the French constitution.  Another text intended to engrave the right in the constitution will be proposed by left-wing politician Mathilde Panot, from the France Unbowed party, during the week of November 24th.  In addition to pushing for the right to abortion, left-wing MPs have also sought to enshrine the right to contraception in the constitution, which so far has not been met with success.
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