First Session of Libya's Constituent Assembly set for April 14

27 March 2014
<p>The first session of the Libyan Constituent Assembly will be held on April 14 in the eastern city Bayda, reports the General National Congress (GNC, parliamentary body). Only 47 of the 60 candidates will be taking part. Two voting rounds were held for the assembly in February, but the elections were marred by violence in the southern and eastern parts of the country and affected by the Amazigh minority's boycott, which left 13 seats vacant. The assembly comprises 60 elected members, divided equally among the three regions: the western Tripolitania region, the southern Fezzan, and the eastern Cyrenaica. Six seats were assigned to women and six others to three minority groups: the Tebu, Tuareg, and Amazigh (Berber).</p>
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