European Parliament hosts roundtable discussion on constitutional reform processes in Kazakhstan and Mongolia

By Kudrenok Tatyana, 30 May 2023
Flag of the European Union (photo credit: QuinceCreative via pixabay)
Flag of the European Union (photo credit: QuinceCreative via pixabay)
The European Parliament hosted a roundtable event on The Constitutional Reform Processes in Kazakhstan and Mongolia: Lessons and Perspectives, dedicated to current trends in the democratisation of political life in the region, Kazinform refers to the press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Members and staff of the European Parliament, national parliaments of member states, representatives of other key EU institutions, diplomatic corps, academic community, international NGOs and mass media participated in the event held on the initiative of MEP Wlodziemerz Cimoszewicz. [...] In his welcoming remarks, Cimoszewicz underlined Kazakhstan and Mongolia were important partners for the European Union which encourages consolidation of democratic institutions in both countries to support their stable and successful development, noted usefulness of the comparative analysis and experience exchange between the countries of the region taking into account specifics in the development of each of them. [...] During the discussions at the round table, among important innovations mentioned were the easing the requirements to the registration of political parties in Kazakhstan, which led to the increase in their number, and the holding of the parliamentary elections on March 19, 2023, which resulted in the noticeable strengthening of political pluralism in the national legislature. In this context, MP Imasheva presented a review of the key areas of the constitutional reform, implemented with the participation of the Parliament, including the transition from the super-presidential model to the presidential republic with greatly increased powers of the legislative branch, the expansion of citizen participation in the governance of the country and the improvement of mechanisms for the protection of citizens’ rights.
Read the full article here: Kazinform


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