In Ethiopia, government-funded think tank releases study calling for constitutional change

By Ilyas Kifle, 24 May 2023
Flag of Ethiopia (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
Flag of Ethiopia (photo credit: jorono via pixabay)
Established in November 2018, [Ethiopian government-funded think tank, Policy Studies Institute(PSI)] recently conducted a comprehensive study on the ethnic-related provisions and articles within the Ethiopian constitution. [...] The study utilized a systematic random sampling method to ensure the validity and representativeness of their findings. [...] According to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation's report, the study conducted by the PSI highlights the need for improvements in various areas. These include revisiting Article 8 of the constitution, which stipulates ethnic groups as sovereign owners of the nation, as well as aspects such as the working language of the federal government, the national emblem, the administrative boundaries based on ethnicity, and the controversial Article 39, which grants ethnic groups the right to self-determination, including the right to secession. Additionally, the study suggests addressing issues related to the organization of political parties based on ethnic groups and the administration of Addis Ababa, among others. [...] The PSI's call for a constitutional amendment comes when Ethiopia is engaged in discussions and deliberations to address political crises and conflicts within the country.
Read the full article here: Addis Zeybe


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