Ecuador: PAIS Allianz to submit more proposed reforms on the Constitution

13 November 2014
Ximena Ponce, National Assembly member
Ximena Ponce, National Assembly member
<div itemprop="description alternativeHeadline" class="subtitle">Ruling&nbsp;party&nbsp;PAIS Alliance is submitting a new reform packet which will be reviewed by the Constitutional Court in coming days.&nbsp;</div><div itemprop="articleBody" class="txt_newworld"><p>&nbsp;</p><p>While 16 amendments to Ecuador's Constitution continue being debated within the National Assembly, another 10 to 12 are in the queue to be submitted by the ruling party PAIS Alliance this week. Once submitted to the Constitutional Court in the coming days, it will be determined whether they are to be debated within the National Assembly.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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