Dutch parliament votes to strip terrorists of dual nationalities

25 May 2016
Dutch parliament (photo credit: Futurism)
Dutch parliament (photo credit: Futurism)
<p>Dutch MPs voted on Monday to strip dual nationals of their Dutch citizenship if they join terror groups such as the so-called Islamic State group to fight as jihadists, officials said.</p><p class="hide-in-mobile">"These jihadists can pose a threat to national security when they return to the Netherlands," the justice ministry said in a statement.</p><p class="hide-in-mobile">Some western governments want the right to strip terror suspects of their nationality if they are dual nationals, including those born in Europe.</p><p class="hide-in-mobile">With the exception of the far right movements, which firmly support the bill, the issue has divided political parties and raised a great deal of objection.</p>
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