In Denmark, referendum to join EU defence policy passes

By Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen and Nikolaj Skydsgaard, 2 June 2022
Flag of Denmark (photo credit: torben7400 / pixabay)
Flag of Denmark (photo credit: torben7400 / pixabay)
Denmark will join the European Union's defence policy after a referendum on [2 June] final results showed, signalling the latest shift among Nordic countries to deepen defence ties in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Denmark is the only EU member that is not part of the bloc's defence and security policy. The referendum marks the first time a government has succeeded in abolishing one of several exemptions secured in a 1993 referendum on the Maastricht Treaty. [...] Final results showed almost 67% of voters were in favour of removing an opt-out to the EU's so-called Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), in what was the largest recorded show of support in a referendum on an EU matter in Denmark. Around 33 percent of voters polled were opposed. [...] In the CSDP, Denmark would be able to take part in joint military operations, such as those in Somalia, Mali and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to cooperate on acquisition of joint military capabilities.
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