Cuba Urgently Needs a New Constitution

By Pedro Campos, 7 August 2014
Collective taxi. Photo: Massimiliano Doddi
Collective taxi. Photo: Massimiliano Doddi
<p>The first and main problem, the original sin of the “reform process” and its “guidelines” approved at the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), is its failure to define the type of society it seeks to create and the aims and means of production of this society.<br><br>Everything is aimed at “developing the economy and gaining in efficiency and productivity,” a slogan that could well have been defended by slave-holding sugar plantation owners in the 19th century as much as by the foreign capitalists who operated in our country before the nationalizations that took place in the years following 1959.</p><p><div>[toc hidden:1]</div>
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