Civil society organization in Taiwan proposes referendums on constitutional reform

By Yeh Su-ping and Matthew Mazzetta, 30 April 2020
Taipei, Taiwan (photo credit: Steffen Flor/flickr)
Taipei, Taiwan (photo credit: Steffen Flor/flickr)
The pro-independence Taiwan New Constitution Foundation (TNC) submitted proposals to the Central Election Commission (CEC) Thursday for referendums on whether Taiwan's constitution, which it said roots the country's identity in a defunct political reality, should be reformed or replaced. Speaking at CEC headquarters, TNC Executive Director Lin Yi-cheng (林宜正) said the non-binding referendums ask voters two questions: "Do you support the president initiating a constitutional reform process for the country?" and "Do you support the president pushing for the establishment of a new constitution reflecting Taiwan's current reality?"
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