Chile: Protesters call for replacement of Pinochet-era Constitution

24 March 2014
<p class="introduction" id="story_continues_1">Tens of thousands of Chileans have marched through Santiago to urge new President Michelle Bachelet to carry out her left-leaning reform programme.</p> <p>The key demand of the activists was that the Pinochet-era constitution be replaced with a document that protects the rights of all citizens.</p> <p>The student movement, which led much of the protests against the previous centre-right government, did not take part in the protest.</p> <p>Ms Bachelet is serving a second term.</p> <p>She won last December's election by a wide margin, and promised to overhaul the constitution.</p><p>Protesters said they wanted to "warn" Ms Bachelet about their expectations. </p>
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