In Chile, constitutional convention will begin work on July 4

By Al Jazeera , 24 June 2021
 Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay)
Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay)
Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has said the assembly to draft a new constitution will hold its first session on July 4, as the South American country moves towards replacing its current conservative, dictatorship-era charter. [...] Over the course of nine months, the 155-member drafting body will have to balance a popular clamour for profound social change with the need to maintain a robust economy as it rewrites the old constitution, which dates from the rule of Augusto Pinochet. Their term could be extended for three more months, and the body will need a two-thirds majority to approve the draft that will be put to a national referendum next year, in which voting will be mandatory. [...] In choosing the body to write the new charter, voters in May turned their backs on traditional political parties and flocked to independent candidates with no party affiliation but mostly left-wing or socialist ideas. Many of the independent candidates – an assortment of teachers, writers, journalists, lawyers and activists – were involved in or inspired by the 2019 uprisings and campaigned with promises of social change.
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