In Chile, committee of experts rejects proposal for constitutional chapter on armed forces

By Ileana Ferrer Fonte, 17 March
Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay)
Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay)
The Commission of Experts in charge [16 March] of drafting the bill of a new Constitution in Chile rejected a right wing's proposal to include a special chapter for the Armed Forces, Order, and Security. The initiative received 13 votes for and 11 against and did not reach three-fifths of votes for its approval. Its promoters consider that a specific section for the Armed Forces, Carabineros (Chilean Police officers), and Investigative Police is necessary. Those institutions must often act in defense of the nation and internal security. [...] The group started its works on March 6 and has three months to submit a draft of the new Constitution to the Constitutional Council by a popular and mandatory vote on May 7. This council will discuss and approve the proposed fundamental law before being submitted to a referendum on December 17. If approved, it will replace the neoliberal Constitution imposed by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, who took power after the 1973 coup d’état.
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