In Chile, committee of experts to begin voting on draft constitution

By Luis Linares Patrov, 23 May 2023
Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay)
Flag of Chile (photo credit: pixabay)
The plenary session of the committee of experts will begin voting on the proposal for the new Constitution of Chile, to be evaluated by the Constitutional Council from June 7th. The 24 members of the body, who were elected by the chambers of deputies and senators of the National Congress, were in charge of drafting the Constitution and now they must approve the final version. [...] The discussion and voting process will open with the first article of the draft, where the bases for social and political organizations are established. The said article establishes that Chile is organized in a social and democratic State of law, recognizes fundamental freedoms and promotes the progressive development of social guarantees, subject to the principle of fiscal responsibility and through public and private entities. [...] There were no representatives of the native communities in the committee, which was considered by various specialists as an important deficiency, despite the fact that indigenous peoples are recognized “as part of the Chilean nation, which is one and indivisible,” which implies renouncing to the multinational character of the country, as demanded by the Mapuches and others.
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