Catalonia appeals to ConCourt over Madrid steps on regional crisis

10 January 2018
Catalan Parliament contested the Constitutional Court for the application of the 155th article of the Spanish Constitution, which limited the self-government of the autonomy, TASS reported. According to the source, the Parliament submitted to the Constitutional Court an appeal with reference to unconstitutionality against measures taken by Spanish government based on Article 155 of the Spanish Constitution. The permanent deputy of the regional parliament approved the decision at the end of December.  The Parliament of Catalonia approved a resolution on the proclamation of an independent republic on October 27. The Constitutional Court declared the document invalid on November 8. The Senate of Spain approved Madrid's request for the implementation of Article 155 of the constitution. After its approval, the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, said his cabinet had fired the regional president, Carles Puigdemont, and ordered regional elections to be held on 21 December.


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