In Canada, federal government says Quebec province can unilaterally alter part of Canada's constitution

By Canadian Press, 19 May 2021
City of Quebec (photo credit:
City of Quebec (photo credit:
The province’s proposed language law reform, introduced last week, seeks to change part of the Constitution to affirm that Quebec is a nation and that its official language is French. Trudeau told reporters that the federal government’s initial analysis has concluded Quebec can make the changes. “It is perfectly legitimate for a province to modify the section of the Constitution that applies specifically to them and that is something they can do while ensuring, of course, that the rest of the Constitution, including the sections that protect linguistic minorities, like anglophones in Quebec, continue to be respected.” He said Quebec can alter the Constitution to emphasize that it is a nation and that its official language is French — adding that both have already been recognized by the federal government.
Read the full article here: Montreal Gazette


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