In Brazil, president says proposed constitutional amendment will lower fuel, energy prices

By Reuters, 1 February 2022
Congress of Brazil (photo credit: Alexandre Marino/flickr)
Congress of Brazil (photo credit: Alexandre Marino/flickr)
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said [...] that a proposed amendment to the Constitution being drafted by the government along with Congress will allow the reduction of federal and state taxes on fuel, electricity and cooking gas. With the measure, which comes in a presidential election year, the president aims to reduce the price of basic items that have weighed heavily on Brazilian consumers and pushed inflation up to 10.06% at the end of 2021, its highest annual rate since 2015. read more In a tweet, Bolsonaro said the constitutional amendment will allow both the president and governors to reduce or eliminate taxes on diesel, gasoline and ethanol, as well as electricity tariffs and cooking gas.
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