In Bosnia and Herzegovina, High Representative expected to act after agreement on forming new federation government fails

17 April 2023
photo credit: chat des Balkans/flickr
photo credit: chat des Balkans/flickr
High Representative Christian Schmidt announced a few days ago that he will solve the problem of the formation of authorities in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina if no internal agreement is reached. [...] According to the latest information, the high representative has prepared a final decision that will not entail additional changes to the FBiH Constitution, but rather it will be a kind of temporary decision according to which, as stated in diplomatic circles, “due to the specific political situation” the consent of all members of the FBiH leadership will not be required to the government would be appointed. This would be achieved by introducing the possibility of a veto on the appointment of the FBiH Government, but it would have to be defended by a two-thirds majority in the People’s Club of the FBiH House of Peoples of the member of the FBiH leadership who exercises the veto.
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