Barbados plans for new constitution after transition to parliamentary republic in November 2021

By Randy Bennett , 30 July 2021
Flag of Barbados (photo credit: Flagz Group Limited)
Flag of Barbados (photo credit: Flagz Group Limited)
Come November 30, Barbados will complete its transition to a Parliamentary Republic with the swearing-in of a non-executive president and a new Constitution to be settled on immediately after. [...] She said while a committee would be established to lead those talks, ordinary Barbadians would also be allowed to have an input. “That conversation will be led by the Republic Transition Advisory Committee along with other members of civil society and the Government, because there must be a charter of Barbados that is established and brought to our Parliament before November 30, such that we enter the morning of November 30 committed to the charter of Barbados that reflects the essence of who we are and what we stand for,” Mottley said to rapturous applause.
Read the full article here: Barbados Today


Hor Vormawor 22 August 2021
Framers of Constitutions make it apparently difficult for Reviews/Amendments. Barbados must be commended for this noble initiative. God bless her people

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