Barbados approves new symbolic charter before transitioning to a republic

By Dawne Parris, 26 November 2021
Flag of Barbados (photo credit: Flagz Group Limited)
Flag of Barbados (photo credit: Flagz Group Limited)
Exactly a week before Barbados transitions to a republic, a new Charter of Barbados was presented to Parliament that, while not legally binding, outlines citizens’ rights and responsibilities. Prime Minister Mia Mottley, who moved a resolution to take note of and approve the Charter of Barbados on Tuesday, stressed that the document promotes the concept of active citizenship and is a guide for how people should treat each other and the country, but is not a constitution, the preamble to a new or the existing constitution, or a legal document. [...] The Charter of Barbados is premised on five articles, the first of which states that all Barbadians are born free and are equal in human dignity and rights regardless of age, race, ethnicity, faith, class, cultural and educational background, ability, sex, gender or sexual orientation.
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