Bangladesh president signs amendment granting parliament Supreme Court impeachment power

23 September 2014
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© WikiMedia (Rossi101)
<p>Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid on Monday signed into law the 16th Amendment to the nation's Constitution granting Parliament the ability to impeach Supreme Court justices. The signing of the 16th Amendment has been condemned by the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) who had requested to President send the proposed bill back to Parliament for additional review.</p><p><br>The BNP does not have any members in parliament after boycotting elections in January. Under the new amendment, members of parliament will be able to remove justices for "incapability or misconduct." The impeachment power for Parliament was originally included in the first Constitution of Bangladesh adopted after achieving independence in 1972, but the power was removed under President Ziaur Rahman in 1975.</p>
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